Boring business trips

I recently took a business trying to Birmingham, England. The meetings occupied most of my day and to be honest they got a little boring. I was lonely in and strange country and was looking to have a little fun. Not the kind of fun that gets a person in trouble but fun to make me feel better about that trip. That is when I decided to check out Manchester escorts.

The escort service was easy to get a hold of via internet search. The company asked me what I liked in a girl and said they would find a great match for me. They did in the form of Kathy. She was as pretty as she was bubbly. We went out to dinner and she was fun to speak to. She was intelligent as well and could hold her own in a conversation. Later that night we went back to my room for a private conversation. The escort service was the highlight of my trip. It cured my loneliness and gave me a nice girl to hang out with.

Starting My Business

I have learned over the years that there are many pros and cons working in the escorting business. My main goal always is to stay safe and to be prepared for any negative or positive consequences that may arise from my actions.


  • Earning large amounts of money
  • Endless unexpected gifts and vacations
  • Flexible schedules


  • In some regions this businees is a crime and charges can be persued
  • Escorts typically can not be open about their career option with spouse, friends and family
  • Exposed to very dangerous situations
  • Health issues may arise – such as unwanted STD’s

Just always keep in mind that the money flow will never end and you can buy yourself anything that you have ever dreamed of in life. Your schedule is very flexible so you can take any vacation that you want and if you need rest because you are exhausted your bills are always paid!